revie objects – 2021 collection ” LATENT ”

-short ver 1-

-short ver 2-

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Starring : Rina Mizumura⁡
Director/Camera/Editor : Goo Koyano⁡
Art director : Hitomi Hashizume⁡
Hair&Makeup : Mizuho Hayashitani⁡
Music : Ai Kamano



M “existentia” - short ver1 –

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” M ”というブランドが紡ぐコンセプトを聞いたとき、「痕跡」という言葉と「人がそこにいた空気・気配」の2つが頭の中に思い浮かびました。

The two words that came up to my mind when I heard the branch concept for M was “trace” and “sign of one’s existence.” The film is a story within a story of a hotel janitor woman daydreaming from the traces and signs left in the guest rooms. Traces and signs unquestionably exist, in fact, her act of daydreaming becomes part of the reality, too.

Produced in 2017
Project : M




English Subtitles

ミャンマー シャン州の高原に位置するインレー湖

水面と雲は重なり合い 一帯に広がる青の世界

水上の村-Maing Thauk-に暮らす人々は船に乗り


– ONEbyONE-project

There’s a lake located in the hills, in the Shan State, in Myanmar. They call it Lake Inle.
Where the water surface and clouds collide. Where the color blue wraps the whole wide world.
Those who live in Maing Thauk, a village on water, sail on boats. Making their bodies flow as gracefully as water world.

– ONEbyONE – project
Every place on earth has its distinctive culture.
What people put on naturally projects their culture or way of life, giving us space to imagine what their life is like.
Wearing clothes is part of most people’s daily routine, and is an regular act where no interference occurs.
By having people wear our clothes, we attempt to find raw communication that shares little parts of daily life.
When the clothes gradually fit into the space as it’s being absorbed into their sensitivities, there emerges a scene of life.
The act of putting clothes on, somehow, changes its significance in different situations, while arousing one’s existence or quality as an individual.
Having people wear our clothes gives birth to that communication allowing us to share the space and time in common.

Produced in 2016
Project direction : Kosuke Sakakura
Film : Goo Koyano
YANTOR : Kosuke Sakakura , Kensuke Yoshida



The silence of Little Tibet

English Subtitles


Le Ladakh est la région de culture tibétaine entre le Karakoram et l’Himalaya qui dépassent 3500m.
Au sein de l’environnement impitoyable, le peuple sublime vit silencieusement tout en conservant leur culture originale.

Produced in 2014
Project direction : Kosuke Sakakura
Film : Goo Koyano
YANTOR : Kosuke Sakakura , Kensuke Yoshida




Produced in 2013
Film : Goo Koyano
Photograph : Keiichi Sakakura
YANTOR : Kosuke Sakakura , Kensuke Yoshida



Shinbe Sakakura Documentary Film

Produced in 2013
Film : Goo Koyano




Graduation Production
Produced in 2012
Film : Goo Koyano
Cast : Anam Sekiguchi
Park Junsang , Yurika Machiyama , Kevin Jones Sharif , Francis Eustadius
Lubega Eustadius , Omar Yukihiro Minami Romero , Kazumasa Kondou